Thursday, September 10, 2015

Ink Day!

Since Friday is coming fast I spent most of the day wrapping up the inks on the newest OilCan Drive page.

I got enough of it done tonight that tomorrow will simply be a matter of graying in the page, writing the script, lettering, and putting it up online. I don't see anything going wrong so there shouldn't be any problems keeping my OilCan Drive Friday schedule going this week.

It has been both scary and fun putting myself behind the right ball again by having to get a page done a week. Sometimes I think a page a week isn't all that much to ask of myself. I was taught and trained that a "real" comic book artist can get a page done a day. But, I figure that "page a day" thing usually refers to a penciler who is simply penciling a page a day. I have to remind myself that I am writing, penciling, inking, scanning, cleaning up, graying, and lettering a page each week. Plus, add that to my usual client schedule and trying to find time to do all the other creative ideas I have in my head and I should probably give myself a break.

A page a week may not seem like much but it's gotten me half way into a third book and that's not nothing. I know plenty of people who still talk about doing a comic book someday and have yet to draw panel one of page one. So, go me!

Oh, and I also learned a bit more about editing Lou's video today and did a few tests. It's all coming together. Maybe slowly...but it's all coming together!

I wound down tonight watching "Machete Kills" on Netflix. It was fun watching a movie like that after thinking about film and video stuff all day. And I am slowly figuring out how I can do a lot of that stuff here in the studio. It's an exciting time, boys and girls, a very exciting time!

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