Sunday, September 27, 2015

Saturdays are Music Days!

I spent most of the day today working on music with Lou. I thought we were going to work on a song we had previously recorded but we ended up recording something new and playing around with how many instruments and sounds we could get out of the midi player. I wouldn't say we came away with an actual song but more of a pattern with different instruments coming in and out of the mix. If nothing else, it was a great way to get myself more acquainted working with midi files and I did find a really beautiful sounding violin patch.

I just wish I could spend as much time on my own music as I do on Lou's. But, I am finding it's sometimes easier to help someone out with their own dream than working on your own all by yourself. And, if nothing else, it is fun hanging out on a Saturday afternoon with a friend, having a few drinks, and making a bit of noise.

I also finally found some time tonight to make a quick video and upload both the raw files I received and the mix I came up with for my friend Adam's new music track, "Little White Sermon." Since Adam is being super sneaky about this project and in the past few years has done his best to erase all traces of himself from the internet I am only sharing these mixes here on my blog.

The first half of the video is the raw recordings of the session I got from Adam and, from about 5:10 on, it's the mix I came up with. I hope it's fun to listen to the differences side by side and I really hope I did a somewhat decent job.

Saturdays have definitely become music days here around the studio!

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