Monday, September 21, 2015


The last few days have been a bit of a whirlwind.

On Thursday night I headed down to Denver to attend an art show that Josh Thorne, who I mentored while he was in high school, was a part of. He has teamed up with a couple of other guys and formed a company called All Day Ind. and together they are doing some really great art. Josh and his partner do the illustration and their third member makes beautifully crafted custom made wooden frames. Of all the other artists I saw at the gallery that night they definitely had the most impressive set-up. We got their a little late but the atmosphere was great and it really felt like what a hip and trendy rock and roll art show would look like if you saw it in a movie.

On Friday I finally had a chance to jot down some initial ideas for my OilCan Drive 24 Hour Comic that I'll be attempting in a little under two weeks. I like to get some idea of what I am going to do during that twenty four hours instead of going in cold so it felt nice that some of my ideas are finally gelling. Hopefully I can get something more set in stone as I get closer to drawing day.

And, it must have been a long week because I ended Friday with a nice long nap before dinner.

I also finished up my mix of my friend Adam's song so hopefully I can get that up here soon. I want to put the music to at least some sort of simple video so I can showcase not just the music but some images as well. Plus I want to make sure it's okay with Adam if I show it off before I just post it online.

Saturday found me recording a new Lou song that, at first, sounded to me like some sore of theme song for a new Law and Order series...Law and Order, The Lost Years maybe. But, once we but it through the paces and added some orchestration to it the whole song changed. I sent Lou off with an initial mix of the track which I'm sure he'll be adding some lyrics to.

Saturday night I spent catching up on Doctor Who's last season and inking my illustrations for the next round of Sports Illustrated Kids, "What's The Call." Everything flowed really nicely and I actually got ahead of my self appointed schedule. So, today, instead of inking the pieces, I actually got two of them completely scanned, colored, and finished. One more to go and I'll be done with this round.

And, somewhere in the middle of all of that I also put the finishing touches on my steady-cam rig and got a few bike rides in.

And, tonight's bike ride bear count? Three bears...two cubs and one Momma black bear. I gotta be careful out there at night but they all seemed to be doing okay and I hope as long as I don't bother them they don't bother me.

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