Friday, September 25, 2015

Space Girls and Bike Rides!

Most nights I have free I'll wind the day down by taking a bike ride around town. I used to take my old heavy cruiser bike out for a loop but, since I've gotten a new and lighter road bike, I've been taking longer rides that total around fourteen miles. I basically ride from one end of town to the other and loop back taking a different route that takes me close to the foothills and back to my house.

Last night I was on this run and I thought I was either tired or getting old because peddling seemed a bit harder than normal. But, I kept chugging along, listening to a podcast and letting my mind wander. Around the ten mile mark, when I was going down a hill, I tried to change my front gears from the usual mid-gear I cruise along in to the harder gear. It was then I realized I had done most of my route in the harder gear. So, I wasn't too tired or too old, I had just forgotten to check the gear under my left hand.

I didn't think it wore me out too much as I got home but my aching legs and sleeping in until 1:30 this afternoon say different. Still, I got back on the bike tonight, made sure I was in the right gear, and gave myself a break by doing my old eight mile route.

I got the newest page for OilCan Drive finished and posted tonight. You can check it out HERE. This will probably be the last new one for Track Three for a bit as I get ready for the 24 Hour Comic Day Challenge. But, I am sure I'll get back to it as soon as I can. I am pretty much at the half way point of this chapter and I can't wait to keep going and tell more of the story in my head.

Also, the pin-up piece I did for The Specialists Kickstarter campaign was featured today. The guys gave me a really nice little write up and featured both my piece and the cover of OilCan Drive Track One. I really hope they are successful with their campaign. I would love to have one of those hardcover books on my shelf. You can check out both the write up and the campaign HERE.

I listened to the Avs again tonight as I worked but they couldn't pull it out this time. They lost 1-0. Ah well, pre-season is where you're supposed to work all the bugs out of the system. But, it was fun to listen to the game again on the radio. I am looking forward to watching them again on TV but there is really something nice and nostalgic about simply listening to a game while you work. It somehow makes me feel like a kid again.

And, finally, the piece above is the character of another artist who I met at Denver Comic Con. He asked me if I would do some sketches of her and I liked her so much I had to say yes. The little black and white piece I did as a warm-up to start the day a while ago while the pencil sketch was my first attempt at figuring the character out. I don't think I've quite got her yet and I haven't heard from him lately so I really don't know what will happen with this project. Still, she is fun to draw so I am hoping we can do something together with her soon.

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