Saturday, March 3, 2012

Blue Line Sketches

If you look closely enough at these two pieces you'll see the start of two new OilCan Drive pieces in light non-reproducible blue pencil.

The first is my new try on the Henry figure for the OilCan Drive piece I've been showing off the last few days. I tried to give him a lot more motion and fluidity to his form. I was thinking of something almost like an animated film and I really like this initial idea. He looks like he has heard something off screen that took him by surprise and he snapped his head up to see what it was. The closest thing I can think of when I see the pose is the dogs in the Pixar movie "UP" every time they think they see a squirrel. I think this will work quite well with the other figures that are almost done.

And I like his form a lot better than my initial try.

The second sketch is a head shot line-up of all the characters in OilCan Drive that I think I'll use for a blog banner. I'm actually not sure where it's going to end up yet but I figure I'll keep at it and see where it goes and where it fits best.

Once I get a little bit more worked out with the blue pencil I'll start adding in more detail with a regular lead pencil and begin inking from there. I wish I could go directly from blue pencils right to inking but I still like that middle ground where I can make some decisions with a pencil before committing to the ink.

OK, back to it. Time to break out the pencil.

Have a great day!

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