Friday, March 2, 2012

Little More Inking

I got the other half of the new OilCan Drive piece inked this week. Now all it needs is to have the underlying pencils erased, fill in some of the blacks, and add some white out touch ups.

But, while looking at this piece the other night I decided I didn't really like the way Henry, the bass playing gorilla, looked. He just seemed a bit too boxy and his legs looked too long. So, after thinking it over for a few days I've decided to re-pencil and re-ink him and put in a new Henry.

You gotta love it when you're your own worst editor who makes you change things at the last minute. But, there is really no deadline for this stuff and I want to make it look the best I can so a new, blank piece of paper is on the drawing board and a new Henry is on the way.

I'll try and take a few photos of it while I'm working on it to show you the progress.

I'm just hoping as this project goes along that I get more comfortable with how I want the characters to look. It seems to always be a problem and I'm really not sure how to fix it. Sometimes they look like I want them to and sometimes they don't. I figure, as things go along and I draw them on a more regular basis, they will just settle into looking however they look.

I'm looking forward to it not being such a struggle. But, for now, it's getting there.

Have a good one!


Jeff Lafferty said...

Thats looking pretty cool

Sean Tiffany said...

Thanks Jeff. I just need to redo Henry and I think I'll have an almost complete piece!