Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nicole Baylor

We can't forget Nicole Baylor, drum player for OilCan Drive. Here is the bio I wrote for her:

Nicole Baylor plays drums and sings background vocals for the band OilCan Drive.

Nicole Baylor is the only daughter of EMF three star General Randolph Baylor. Raising her alone, General Baylor did his best to give everything he could to his young daughter, but a life of constant moving from station to station didn't give her the kind of stability she desperately needed. Getting in trouble early and often, Nicole was sometimes more of a handful than even her father, the General, could manage. So, when his daughter found a love of music that seemed to bring her some kind of calm (or at least kept her in one room for a full night) the General was relieved. Even if he couldn't understand how one girl alone in her bedroom could make so much racket with a drum set and bass guitar.

It was while General Baylor was stationed and in command at Camp Pennington that, for him, the unthinkable happened. During a routine meet and greet with an incoming prisoner, Nicole was taken hostage and used as a bargaining chip for the prisoner to escape the facility and flee beyond the wall and into the Outer Zone. Steps were taken to recover Nicole but, as of this writing, no attempts have been successful and her current whereabouts are unknown.

But, there is a rumor, loose talk really, of a girl sitting behind the drums of a band that has been playing up and down the outpost town circuit. And, while no one will say it in front of General Baylor, it is taken as fact that his daughter, Nicole Baylor, has joined her captors in the outlaw band OilCan Drive.

Nicole is the heart and soul of OilCan Drive. She is the fulcrum that keeps all the boys together and keeps them from killing each other. And, while the band consists of former hockey scrappers, soldiers, and an honest-to-God War Ape, Nicole is, by far, the toughest member. As Vincent once quipped, "I'm not going to arm wrestle her...YOU arm wrestle her!"

Nicole plays a green flake four piece Venice drum kit from Orange County Drums. It consists of a 9x12 rack tom, a 14x16 floor tom, a 20x22 bass drum, and a 6x14 snare drum. Her Zildjian cymbals include a 14" Mastersound Hi-Hat, an 18" Projection Crash, a 20" K Crash Ride, and a 21" Sweet Ride. She plays with Zildjian TB artist series drumsticks. She's glad Ryan can't bend those the way he bends his picks.

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