Monday, March 19, 2012


And, last but not least, here is the bio I wrote for Henry. He's still the best bass playing ape I know!

Henry, or Hank to his friends, plays bass guitar for the rock band, OilCan Drive. And, if you listen closely, he'll even add in a grunt or growl when he feels a song would benefit from it.

During the six year long Zone Wars the EMF military was looking for alternate means to battle the rebel upstarts in the outer areas of the Wastelands. One of the most successful experiments was the use of the War Apes. Grown in labs and trained for war, the War Ape units caused havoc and mayhem towards any enemy they faced. While the War Apes program was discontinued and all subjects destroyed as part of the treaty that ended the war, it is likely that Henry is from one of the last batch of War Apes. It is unclear how he might have escaped.

What's even more unclear is how he learned to play bass guitar and joined the band OilCan Drive. But, no matter how it happened, believe the hype. Henry is the best playing ape you've ever seen. Of course, he's probably the only bass playing ape you've ever seen.

While one might think Henry is the muscle of the band he's, in fact, a sweet heart and has been known to jump at his own shadow. As Nicole once said, "it's not really how big Henry is, it's how fast he can run away while carrying the three of us." But, when his friends' backs are to the wall, there is none more tough, or loyal, than Henry.

Henry plays a modified Fender 51 Precision Bass equipped with Custom Shop ’59 Precision Bass pickups and Badass Bass II bridge. He plays through an Ampeg SVT-450H head with a 4x10 bass cabinet. He plays mostly with his fingers but occasionally uses a pick. And, if Ryan bends Henry's picks, Henry bends Ryan. It's as simple as that.