Saturday, March 17, 2012

Vincent Spicer

And here is a bio for Vince, lead guitar player of OilCan Drive:

Vincent Spicer is the lead guitarist and occasionally lends background vocals to the band OilCan Drive.

Vincent is a former EMF (Environmental Military Forces) infantry soldier and first sergeant. He was originally assigned to the 52nd Long-Range Recon Division or, as the brass liked to call it, the "Lyncher Hunters." It was while with this unit that Vincent suffered major injuries during the Battle of Apache Junction.

After major reconstruction and rehabilitation Vincent was stationed in a rear position as a service guard at the military penal camp at Camp Pennington. It was here that he became entangled in the events that led to Ryan Burke escaping with a high level hostage into the Outer Zone. With first hand knowledge of that part of the Zone, Vincent was sent to hunt down Burke and return with the hostage unharmed. It was shortly after this that the military lost all contact with the former sergeant.

He is now considered AWOL and wanted for questioning in the aiding and abetting of wanted persons. How he came to join Ryan Burke and the band OilCan Drive is unknown.

Stern, by the book, and straight laced, Vincent is the guy that will get the band out of any trouble Ryan can get them in. Quiet and haunted by his past, most take his quiet demeanor as an air of superiority. As Ryan once quipped from stage, "I thought I busted out of that penal camp to get away from guys like this."

Vincent plays a Gibson ES-333 through a Mesa-Boogie Mark II Amplifier. He also uses the 60mm orange Torte picks. And he's not too happy with the way Ryan curves them.

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