Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ryan Burke

Here is something I wrote this week. It's for the biography section for the new OilCan Drive project. First up, Ryan Burke:

Ryan Burke- Ryan Burke is the lead singer, songwriter, and plays guitar in the band OilCan Drive.

Ryan is a former All-East hockey player and had designs on entering the sport on the national professional level when a slight altercation between him and his coach got him bounced out of the league. Without gainful employment, Ryan was subject to the Environmental Military Forces Zone Draft, stating anyone between the ages of 18 and 32 without employment was subject to military enlistment.

Always one to have a healthy disregard for any type of authority, Ryan missed his enrollment date after a heavy night of drinking and a tracking warrant for him was issued. During a routine scan at a road side check point Ryan was found AWOL and taken immediately into military custody and transferred to the Zone Base Camp Pennington for immediate discipline and training. Being the son of military hero Captain Raymond Burke, the camp's commander, General Randall Baylor, expected Ryan to be someone with great military potential. To say he was hugely disappointed was an understatement.

During what reports call "a kidnapping of key personnel and destruction of military property" Ryan escaped from the facility and beyond the Wall into the Inner Zone. What happened after is not on record but reports indicate that, soon after, Ryan was seen fronting a rock and roll band and making his way from outpost town to outpost town. As of this report, he is still at large and there is a reward for his capture.

Ryan is brash, head strong, and usually the first one that will get the band as a whole into trouble. But, they keep him around. He seems to write a good song. But, as Nicole is often heard to say, "Ryan, one of these days you'll be the death of this band."

Ryan plays a customized single humbucker Fender Stratocaster through a Hiwatt Amplifier. He uses Dean Markley strings and Tortex Picks. The orange ones. And he curves them. Kind of like a hockey stick's blade. He's weird that way.

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