Friday, March 23, 2012


Ack, I missed another blog post yesterday. So, I figure I'll double it up today and get back on track. I was feeling really beaten up and spent last night so I thought going to bed was better for me than writing a blog.

The last few nights I've spent my time messing around with some new music stuff. I finally figured out how to get some VST plugins imported into my music mixing program. VST stands for Virtual Studio Technology. It's something my producer friend tried to tell me about two years ago and I am just figuring it out now. Yeah, sometimes I'm slow. Basically, instead of having a rack full of compressors, reverb tanks, and modulation gear, I have a bunch of software now plugged into my computer to do the same job.

So, now I can mess with my guitar and vocal sounds post-recording them as opposed to trying to get all the sounds right as I play and record them. It's been a lot of fun but figuring out what everything does really makes my head spin at times.

One of my favorites is a VST called "Sumo." You can see the picture for it above. Because it's a Japanese import I had no idea what the dials even did as I started to spin them around. And, as for instructions on how to use it, all I found was this: "Each button for another taste of revolution of lard. From selection detune of pressing, lag and deformation."

You have to love those Japanese and how their language translates into English.

But, what I did find by messing around with this VST is that it makes the drums I use sound MASSIVE and I absolutely love it. I've stopped calling this patch "Sumo" and have started simply calling it "Tub Thumper."

That name alone should give you some idea of how it sounds when I use it.

Hopefully I'll have some new stuff recorded soon and I can show off some of the new toys I have.

But, until then, have a great one!

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