Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Froggy Green!

Well, you knew it had to happen. Yesterday was the first day I missed posting a daily blog this year since I started the 365 Club. But, it wasn't too bad a run. Two and a half months of constant blogging before I missed a day. I even toyed with the idea this morning of doing a retroactive blog to fill in the space but today just got away from me.

Last night, since it was so nice out, I took my bicycle out for the first ride of the season. And, it was great! But, then trouble hit. I was miles away from my house when my back tire popped and I ended up walking with my bike in tow all the way back to my house. By the time I got home it was nearing one in the morning.

And today, instead of doing anything creative, I sat down and dug into doing my taxes. And by the time I got those done and everything squared away it was after nine at night. So, it's been a couple of days of really not much going on creatively.

But, I did get the frog piece all inked, touched up, and scanned into the computer and prepped for color.

So, I'll be back tomorrow with some new stuff and hopefully I can go another two and a half months before I miss another blog post.

I'll see you all tomorrow! Have a good one!

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