Monday, October 12, 2009

Are You Ready!?!

I finished up the last of the interior OilCan Drive pages yesterday. So, I'm going to print out a copy today and go over each page to make sure all the spelling is correct, all the effects I did in the computer translate onto a printed page, and everything looks good all over.

I can't wait.

There's something about seeing the pages printed that just gives me a rush of excitement. It's all fine and dandy when the pages are originals on your desk or a file in the computer but once you print the finished product out and hold it in your hand it just feels "real."

I can remember starting this particular project sometime back in March. I may have had the basic story written out before then but I was waiting to get some free time in my schedule to really dive into this. The moment I had some free time I remember sitting at Einstein's Bagels doing thumbnails for this book. It seems so long ago now.

I think the time has come where I stop waiting for "free time" to work on OilCan Drive. I usually try to make sure I have a free week or at least a chunk of days off before I start thinking about OilCan Drive and working on it. I think the time has come where even if I have a free hour in the day I want to be working on something OilCan Drive related.

I think the band finally deserves a bit more of my attention.


AdamTrap said...

Looking forward to my copy!

Sean Tiffany said...

hmmm....should I do pre-sales?