Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Plastic Spoon Press Interview

The pencils just keep on coming!

These new sketches are for an idea I have to put in the back of the new OilCan Drive book. I, Sean Tiffany, want to do an interview with the band. So, for that interview to take place and make a decent article, I knew I needed to have some "photos" of the band. Hopefully these sketches will fill that need.

For the interview, I put out an open call for question ideas to pose to the band on Facebook. A few ideas I got included groupies, lost sex tapes, solo projects, and stints in rehab. So, if anyone else out there has a question for the fictional cartoon band living in my head, fire away. Even I'm not sure of some of the answers these guys may spout off.

I'm slowly going through my notebook of ideas and pulling out every thumbnail I've sketched of the band together and trying to put it into pencil form. Today I'll be tackling about five different CD cover ideas to see which ones turn out best.

It should make for a fun afternoon!

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