Thursday, October 29, 2009

Snow and Pumpkins

It's just not Colorado unless we get some kind of snow before Halloween. But, geez, it's been snowing here for two days straight! Enough already! I want to get back on my bike and clear my head at some point soon! Did we even HAVE a summer? Much less some sort of autumn...


I figured the shots of the almost carved pumpkins near the deck and all the snow makes for a good photo. It definitely puts into full focus the way the seasons work around here. Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer always seem to be competing in Colorado, no matter what time of year it is.

Art continues to go well. I'm right in the middle of the newest Stone Arch Jake Maddox books so OilCan Drive had to take a backseat the last day or two. But, I figured I'd show you what I got done before I put it down and picked back up the paying jobs.

Hopefully the band in my head will get their second wind once I go out and brave the snowy roads tonight to go see Dinosaur Jr. perform here in town at the Boulder Theater. I've seen them once before and it was a great show. Loud, but a really great show. So, I'm looking forward to it.

OK, back to work on the kid's books. I hope all of you out there who don't have snow yet can appreciate autumn for me just a little bit longer. Go out and ride a bike for me!


Steve Brezenoff said...

Let us know how that Dino show is. I've seen them several times over the years, but I'm not planning on catching them on this tour. New album is kinda . . . meh.

rob! said...

Yeah, we pretty much went from Summer to Winter here, too. Damn Global Climate Change!!

Sean Tiffany said...

Well, I braved the snow to go see the Dinosaur Jr. show and it was a great time. Steve, I wasn't too big a fan of the newest album either, preferring "Beyond" much more. Problem is they only played two songs from Beyond and a bunch from the new album. Then some oldies but goodies and a lot of free form, "let's just go off on solos for a bit" stuff. Also, Lou, the bass player, had his own band open for Dino so that was pretty cool to see. But, all in all, a good show. It gave me some spark. And watching the drama of a few concert goers in the pit in front of the stage is always a fun time.

And, Robbo, it looks like the snow has stopped, the sky is blue, and life is returning to some sort of normal. I'll be back out on my bike in no time!