Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

I just took a few shots of things I have around the house on a year round basis that makes the place always look in some sort of Halloween mood.

It should be an interesting night here in Boulder, CO. With talks of reviving the long defunct Pearl Street Mall Crawl, another year of the Naked Pumpkin Run, an at home CU football game (that they are in the midst of losing) and the bars being open for an extra hour tonight due to the daylight savings time change, according to the Boulder Police, all hell may break loose. They are already shutting down the Pearl Street Mall parking garages early so no one can park and they also have plans in place to actually shut down the main highway road into town, Route 36, if it gets too rowdy.

I fully expect to wake up tomorrow morning watching half of Boulder burning to the ground. After all this build up between the police and the local newspaper anything less would just be a disappointment.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!


Jeff Lafferty said...

Naked pumkin run every year??? How the heck did I miss this.

rob! said...

Wow, what episode of 24 is that statue from??

Sean Tiffany said...

Jeff, I have no idea how you missed the Naked Pumpkin Run the last few years! The cops cracked down on it so much this year that only three people ran instead of the hundred that went last year. I guess the threat of being convicted of a sex felony stopped a lot of people from putting a pumpkin on their head and running naked through the streets of Boulder.

And Rob, since the last season of 24 ended with Jack being poisoned and dying I assume he dies between seasons and is then resurrected as a vampire to fight terrorists. I assume the new season of 24 will be vampire Jack Bauer and Edward Hermann teaming up to fight crime with the Frog Brothers. Fox, call me!