Thursday, October 15, 2009

OilCan Drive

I totally stole this photo from my friend, Jeff Lafferty's, website this morning. Yesterday Jeff and I had lunch and I rolled out the latest work I had done on OilCan Drive.

Jeff has always been a great believer in the project and probably one of its biggest cheerleaders. So, it's always good to show him the new stuff I am working on and get some feedback, an "attaboy", and a renewed sense of purpose to keep going.

You can take a peek at Jeff's post about OilCan Drive HERE. It's where I stole the photo from. As Jeff puts it, OilCan Drive is " sort of a Rock-n-Roll, band on the run, Mad Max, Fantastic Four thing that reminds me a little of the movies Rock and Rule and Streets of Fire (Sorry Sean, I know that was a horrible description but I meant it in the best kind of way, since I find all those things cool as all get out)" I take all of those descriptions as a compliment. Both the Rock and Rule and Streets of Fire DVDs are proudly displayed on my movie shelf.

The toothbrush is in the photo is because I had to go to the dentist right after lunch and who wants to hit the dental hygienist with a mouth full of chips and sandwich? The cool thing about my dentist is that he plays music as well so we always talk about new guitars we're looking at and stuff like that. So, I brought in what I had done of OilCan Drive to show him as well. He loved the idea, liked the artwork, and wanted copies of it when it was done. He did question the price of the package though. He said what I planned on charging was too inexpensive...which threw me for a loop...I was afraid it might sound like too maybe I need to rethink the price point.

So it was a good OilCan Drive day all around yesterday.

And the best part of the day, because I still haven't exactly figured out what I want kind of art I want to do for the album, sleeve, or book cover, I sat down with my acoustic guitar, the drum machine, my notes, and started working on the music for the album again.

And it felt great!

So, today, I begin doing the demos and scratch tracks for the OilCan Drive album.

Everything is flowing and the feeling is amazing. Thanks to the people out there who make me still want to keep doing this. Thank you all.