Thursday, October 8, 2009


OilCan Drive continues to get the digital treatment.

Zip-a-tone, toothbrush spatter, and inking galore are all over this page and I'm still loving it.

In this page, Nicole and Vince run into a bit of trouble and have to ditch their air-speeder in a hurry. The only problem is, there's only a hard desert of sand, rocks and cacti below. My fingers are crossed that our heroes survive this one.

Did I tell you yet that I'm loving doing this stuff?

Working on this project brings to mind something I've been reading in Hugh MacLeod's book, "Ignore Everybody" about ideas and how you're wondering when you've finally found your Big Idea. He says:

"So, naturally you ask yourself, if and when you finally come up with the Big Idea, after years of toil, struggle, and doubt, how do you know whether or not it is "The One"?

Answer: You don't.

There is no swelling of existential triumph. That is not what happens.

All you get is this rather quiet, kvetchy voice inside you that seems to say, "This is totally stupid. This is utterly moronic. This is a complete waste of time. And I'm going to do it anyway."

And you go do it anyway."

That's kind of how I feel with OilCan Drive. Success or no success, I'm going to keep doing it anyway.

Because I'm just having too much fun with it NOT to do it.


rob! said...

That's great news! Nothin' better than really enjoying what you're working on...

Sean Tiffany said...

I just wish it would go a little bit faster. But, what's speed when you're having fun and there's no deadline? :)