Friday, October 30, 2009

From the Vault - Who You Gonna Call? 1989

Just in time for Halloween, the fifth Ghostbuster himself, Rick Moranis!

This piece was obviously done for my first year caricature class at the Joe Kubert School back in 1989. I'm not sure what the assignment was at the time but clearly I was gung-ho about doing Mr. Moranis for the piece.

I'm guessing I inked the piece with the brush I was still learning to use at the time and the color looks to be either Dr. Martin's Dyes or gouache. The first year at art school there was a lot of experimenting going on with different materials and methods. They filled a big box for all of us new students with tons of supplies so the first few years are really just trying to figure out what techniques and media suited you best. I wouldn't even get into airbrushing until a year later (although I do remember borrowing a few fellow student's airbrushes in that first year to spray in some backgrounds on some pieces.)

And how about that four fingers on each hand technique? I know I took that from an early age from animation, probably Walt Disney. I'm sure it drove my instructors crazy. I finally had to move to drawing the actual five fingers on each hand at some point but I don't know when it happened.

So, for all the clients out there that say "watch the hands, you draw them too big"... Hey, it could be worse. The could only have four fingers.

Happy Hallow's Eve, everybody!

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