Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oops...and double Oops!

After putting up yesterday's blog post I realized one of the words in the word balloons was spelled "traffice" not "traffic". I am going to go with the explanation that "traffice" is, in fact, spelled correctly and it's neuvo-french, something they speak in the future world of OilCan Drive. Of course, if you kids are still spelling it "traffic" then, whatevs...I guess I'll change it to appease the masses.

So, yeah...I'll be changing that.

I use Google Analytics to track the web traffic on both this blog and my main site, Over the last week I've noticed the traffic on has flat lined. Once in a while a day goes by and no one visits but, looking at the graph Google Analytics supplies, it looks like the site has died with no hope of resurrection. It actually scared me for a little bit.

Then I realized what had happened.

A week or so ago a client contacted me and wanted me to take down a few pieces I had done for them. One of their clients had found some stuff I had done for my client and didn't think it was representative of their product (it was new character designs for one of their mascots). They asked me to pull it and, while I was at it, to pull the Chester Cheetos work I had done as well.

So, without a fuss, I went back into the files I had to build my site, pulled off the images, and put up some new ones. It does make me wonder what might have happened if I had said "no", but not knowing the legalities of such a thing and liking my client, I was happy to make them happy.

The problem is that one of the images was on my main index page. So I had to pull that down and put a new one up and revise the page. When I did that, I essentially took out the code I had installed that let's Google Analytics track my web site traffic.

So, the site is alive, it's just that the little wires stuck into my site's arm to make it go beep beep beep fell out and the EKG machine now thinks it's dead.

So, that's another problem to figure out.

But, go check and see the few new images I put up to replace the pulled pieces. It's nothing new you haven't seen on the blog before but it's helped to freshen up my portfolio site.

Of course, the problem is, I won't be able to track your visit.


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Jeff Lafferty said...

You were a lot nicer about that than I would of been. Of course, I guess thats why you make the big bucks.

Talk to you later pal