Monday, November 2, 2009

I Got You, My Girl!

Halloween here in Boulder went off without a hitch. No fires or riots or naked pumpkin runners tore the town down. I awoke Sunday morning to a bright, shiny day and none of the bad things the newspaper said were supposed to happen happened.

So, all is well.

Between the death of John and the early winter snow storms last week I pretty much bunkered down and worked a lot. I've found, in the face of things I don't know how to handle, that I just work. So, last week, I worked myself into exhaustion. Then I was exhausted. Then I worked myself into exhaustion again. I got a full children's book about a football team penciled, penciled all the interior character solo pieces as well as the team's group shot, inked more of OilCan Drive, and sketched out plans for a private commission.

Unfortunately, I can't show most of the work I did last week here on the blog yet.

But, I thought you'd all get a kick out of this.

One of the demo songs I did for the OilCan Drive album was intended to be an instrumental number for the opening track. I didn't exactly know what I wanted to do so I just hit the click track and played a few arpeggio chords with the intention of filling a minute or two of space. It's decent, simple, and fills the space. But, it didn't seem quite right. It seemed a bit long and repetitive.

It needed something.

So, after listening to a few tracks of Gigi Edgley's debut album I decided to swipe what she did and add some phone messages to the opening track. Well, actually only one phone message. But, what a phone message it was!

I have been saving this phone message for YEARS! Originally every time my message service would try to delete it I would save it. And, later, when I changed my phone over to Vonage, I actually recorded the message and saved it to my computer. It was just that good.

The only thing I can think about this phone message is that it was a call center solicitation. When he heard the answering machine he basically gave up and hung up on the call. Or, so he thought. What we are left with is this guy, still on the line, talking to his co-workers and just praying for the end of the work week.

So, I took this message, cut it up, put some music over it and voila! Instant classic!

It's a good start and a good idea but I've recently been rethinking this first track and am rewriting the music so it flows more evenly into the first actual song on the album. But, that just means I get to share this demo track with you. I hope you enjoy it and love the phone message as much as I do. I've saved it long enough that it was about time I used it for something constructive!

If you can't hear the track with the embedded music player you can check out the original file HERE.



Jeff Lafferty said...

Cool!, I like man

Sean Tiffany said...

Just a little bit different from the version you heard, Jeff. I hope you like the new phone message addition!

rob! said...


Wow, that's so cool. Nice job, and nice idea.

BTW, Tracy overheard this playing and, not knowing who it was, she thought it was great and that it was "very pretty."

Sean Tiffany said...

Robbo, thanks for the kudos. Glad you like the music and the idea. And tell Tracy thanks as well. If she thinks that was pretty I can't wait to hear what she thinks of the piano songs :)