Monday, November 16, 2009


Last but not least in our look at each member of the band OilCan Drive is Henry, the greatest bass playing ape that ever lived!

Of course, he's the only bass playing ape that's ever lived but, you know, you take your kudos where you can get them.

Henry was raised by Nicole, who took him from a top secret military testing facility that was genetically creating a creature they called "War Apes." After the Carbon War ended and the project was shut down the whole line was scrapped and marked for immediate disposal. Luckily for Henry, Nicole was taking a tour of the labs with her father just before that happened. The ten year old Nicole took the baby Henry home, hiding him for years from her father, and the two grew up together.

Nicole shared her love of all things music with the young ape and the two spent many a night beating on drums and thumping on the bass. Nicole's father still wonders how one little girl, alone in her room, could make so much noise.

Henry is the Cowardly Lion of the group. Big and tough, he is still as apt to be scared by a little mouse than take on a whole gang of military soldiers. But, when the going gets tough, you can always count on Henry to be by your side.

Henry is tough, loyal, lovable, and working on being as brave as he can be for Nicole and the rest of the group.

He is Henry. He is OilCan Drive.

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