Friday, November 20, 2009

From the Vault - Keith Howard 1995

I'm only guessing I did this piece in 1995. I figure if I had done it in 1996 it would be here, with me in Colorado, instead of under a bed on Peaks Island, Maine. Remember that whole post I had about signing and dating my work? Yeah, that might have helped me out right about know.

Stupid past Sean.

Anyway, not only don't I know the exact date I did this piece, I actually have no idea what it's even for. I'm guessing I was somewhere in the middle of doing the first EXIT 6 book (Keith being a major player in the story) at the time (or seriously getting ready to do it) and I just wanted to do one nice finished piece amongst all the multi-paneled story pages I was doing.

One thing that does pop out at me is the way I did the mountains in the background. The way I rendered those must have meant I was on a Berni Wrightson kick at the time. Either in the middle of his Frankenstein work or in the midst of the Wrightson tome, "A Look Back." I look at those mountains and it's me totally trying to rip off a Wrightson technique.

And, one thing I do remember about this piece is that it had WAY too many stars on it and it felt very distracting. So, I went back over all the stars with black. It was then I discovered that the Dr. Martin's white out I used on my paintings was a pain in the ass to cover back up with black ink on a basic black and white piece.

It's amazing how the little things come back to you, even when you have no idea when or why you even did a piece in the first place.

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