Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ryan Burke

So it looks like, even with the one comment from Rob, that the embedded player idea I had in the last blog didn't work out quite right. Oh well, that's why I like having a blog. Better to find out what works and doesn't here and now then after designing a full website. Thanks, Robbo. Now I'll have to start searching around for a flash based player I can use.

I found a few images that I meant to post months ago on a flash drive I used today. For the OilCan Drive project I did an illustration of each member of the band to use on various pages in the book like the title page, contact information page, and the copyright page. How the actual design of the book will look and where they will all show up is still up in the air but it's nice to have the art done and ready to go.

First up is the front man and lead singer of OilCan Drive, Ryan Burke. He's the one who usually gets the band into trouble and sometimes, if he falls ass backwards into it, he might be the one who gets them out. He's a former hockey player who finds his way into the wastelands of The Zone after dodging the mandatory military draft. On the run and with some new allies in tow, he becomes the lead singer of the underground band, OilCan Drive.

He likes adventure, groupies, and, for some reason, likes to bend his guitar picks like a hockey stick blade.

He is Ryan Burke. He is OilCan Drive.


Jeff Lafferty said...

Hey Sean, that sucks it doesn't work in firefox, but it actually worked just fine for me and I'm on internet explorer. It looks like it needed some spaces though, its centered kind of oddly in the middle of a sentence.

Sean Tiffany said...

The weird thing is that I'm on Firefox and it works fine for me. So, I don't know. Plus, figuring out the code to put it where I want to escapes me. I just checked it in Internet Explorer and see what you mean. coding sucks! ha ha