Monday, November 23, 2009

Let the Bidding Begin!

So, I finally pulled the trigger, put the dream to the test, and bid on the Mark Hoppus recording/producing session.

I knew I had a set amount in my head and, if it was meant to be, I'd win the session for that much. So, Sunday morning I put my bid in and waited to see what happened.

The bidding had been stuck at about $1000 all week so my first bid was $2000. I hoped I would put some of the kids out there without that much money way behind me. By the time I got back from lunch the bidding was already up to $2250. So, I went to $2500. Within half an hour the person who originally outbid my two grand bid again. This time they upped it to $2750. I countered with $3000, the top bid in my head, and crossed my fingers.

Before I went to bed last night they had outbid me again at $3250. And there's still two weeks left in the auction.

Looking into it a bit it looks like the band that outbid me, Forget the Pacific, is a seventeen and nineteen year old from North Dakota. Must be nice to have Dad's credit card at hand (I swear I'm not bitter...well, not too much.) Ah well, like I said, if it was meant to be it was meant to be. But this time, I guess not.

It was fun to run the dreams for my head a bit, though.

So, what now you ask? Is it on to Plan B, C, or D?

Nope. What's funny in all these little dreams that tear me off the path I am following is that, usually, they are a distraction. So, for me, it's back to Plan A, the plan I've been following all along.

Stick to the path, my son, stick to the path.

I think I'll be OK.

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