Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nicole Baylor

Thanks to all who took the time to check and see if the music player was working. It's sounds like, across the board, that it's working just fine. So, I think Wimpy is the winner and the application I'll be using to feature some of the music on the OilCan Drive site I am developing.

Thank you all again.

And speaking of OilCan Drive...

Nicole Baylor is the time keeper and beater of drums that keeps the rhythm alive for OilCan Drive. She is the heart and soul of the band and the one who usually keeps the boys from killing each other. More than once she's kept the band from breaking up and going their separate ways.

Nicole is the daughter of military commander General Randolph Baylor. She's a girl on the lam, a runaway from home, and will do anything to keep her freedom and her band alive.

She is Nicole Baylor. She is OilCan Drive.

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