Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Omaha Inked!

I finally got a chance to ink up the "Omaha, the Cat Dancer" commission piece I did for Mark. Even as we speak the original is making its way to Australia. I also sold Mark an original piece from EXIT 6. How cool is that? That EXIT 6, while it didn't make a huge impact, at least found it's way all around the world and to Australia. That thought just amazes me.

I went back and forth whether or not I should post a sexy naked pin-up piece of a cat lady on the blog. I do a lot of childrens books and, who knows, maybe someday some kid might Google my name, find my blog, click on it, and be horrified to see a naked cat lady.

But, I track my site and see who comes here. There are only a handful of you so I hope none of you are offended by a few inked lines on paper. Mentoring a kid for as long as I did I realized there are far worse things to see on the web and, talking to him, he had seen things that I couldn't even imagine seeing when I was his age. But, if you are offended, I apologize...just make sure you don't click on the image to make it any bigger. I'd hate to feel I was the cause of you gouging your eyes out.

As for the rest of you, I hope you enjoy the art. It's certainly not everyday that I have a request to do such a piece so it was a nice change of pace from drawing kid's playing sports all day.

So, thank you Mark. I hope you and Australia enjoy the piece! I had a great time doing it!


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Sean Tiffany said...

I believe the official response from the man who commissioned it was, "Wow and MEOW!"