Saturday, November 14, 2009

Vincent Spicer

This is another piece of art I plan to use somewhere in the newest OilCan Drive book. Right now, it's slated as accompanying the OCD logo on the title page. Of course, things could change from now until then so we'll have to see where it ends up in the finished product.

Vincent Spicer is the lead guitarist behind OilCan Drive. He taught Ryan every chord he knows. While Ryan is content to bash away on his beat up old Fender Stratocaster with simple power chords Vincent prefers to lay back and let his Custom Gibsom ES-333 guitar do his talking for him. He's the man who plays the lead notes and all those pretty little melodies you all seem to enjoy so much.

Vincent is ex-military, wounded in battle, and used the guitar to complete his rehab. Strict and gruff on the exterior, adherent to order, and tough as nails, Vince will still give his left arm to help out a friend.

He is Vincent Spicer. He is OilCan Drive.

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Jeff Lafferty said...

I know I probably already said it before, but great piece Sean.