Saturday, November 7, 2009

Spirit Of Independence

I've always been a fan of independent media. Whether it was the independent comic movement I got caught up in during the 90's, the feeling of an independent movie scene with guys like Tarantino and Rodriguez breaking out with their own voice, or the independent music scene I am currently fascinated with, I've always been a fan.

Something about normal people being able to make a go of it against the massive corporations and still carving out a niche for themselves is very heroic and inspiring to me. The idea of one person being able to make it without asking some unseen or unknown "boss" permission to do what you want to do is liberating.

So, I've always been a fan of the comics, the movies, and the music independent people can make.

But I never thought about an independent soda pop market.

I found this video yesterday through a post on Seth Godin's blog. Seth says it much better than I can about how great this guy is. He's the epitome of an independent movement. The fact that he can do his own thing, help out similar sized businesses as himself, and even have the courage to tell Pepsi to go take a hike is inspiring.

And tell me, after watching this video, that you don't want to go visit this guy's store and see what he has to offer. I guarantee you'd go into this place and walk out with a purchase under your arm.