Thursday, November 19, 2009


Techland is Time Magazine's newest website that deals with all things pop culture. From video games, to comic books, to the newest movies, Time is covering it all.

I was contacted by the art director of the website to generate some illustrations for the main contributors to the site. After a few false starts to get down the right style he was looking for, things started to roll along smoothly.

Lev Grossman is a senior writer at TIME. He is Time's book critic and its lead technology writer, and he founded the blog Nerd World. Before he came to Time Grossman earned degrees in literature from Harvard and Yale. His most recent novel, The Magicians, published in August 2009, was a New York Times bestseller. He is chaotic good.

Peter Ha is the technology editor for TIME. A native of Oregon, Peter can be found at the local comic book shop on Wednesdays, playing unreleased video games on any given day, or tinkering with the latest gadget at any given hour. When he isn’t doing that you can find him surfing in the frigid waters surrounding NYC or getting tattooed in Portland.

It started with Kubrick’s “2001” when I was 12 – those apes, that monolith, made me want to write about art. After getting my act together at Columbia University’s journalism school I moved on to USA Today, Newsday, the New York Sun and For Techland I’m obsessed with all moving images: 35mm, IMAX, DVD, Blu-Ray, broadcast, cable, VOD, web.

Tracey John is a writer and journalist based in Brooklyn, New York. She has written feature articles about video games, technology and toys for MTV News,, The New York Post, ToyFare, Wizard and many others. When she's not writing about video games and other geeky stuff, you will often find her gunning down virtual zombies or LFG somewhere in Azeroth.

The biggest challenge I had in doing these pieces was to please everyone. First and foremost I wanted to make the authors happy with each of their pieces and I wanted to keep within the guidelines my art director had set out for me. It made for a few changes here and there but I hope everyone is happy with the way their pieces turned out.

I have one of these illustrations left that I am still working on. A few changes need to be made on a few spots to make the author happy. I'm doing my best so I hope it all works out.

And, if not, I may never work in this town again...