Monday, January 11, 2010

Drew Struzan DVD

Or, "brother, can you spare a hundred bucks?"

I've always been a fan of Drew Struzan's work. Even before I knew who he was.

I used to have some of his movie poster work in my room growing up and I remember staring at his art, wondering how the hell he did what he did.

He's done some of the most recognizable movie poster work you've ever seen. From Star Wars and Indiana Jones to the Back to the Future Trilogy and even the Muppets. The man has done it all and put his artistic stamp on each and every piece.

Over the years of trial and error, reading articles, and really looking at his stuff with a trained artist's eye I've been able to figure out some of his tricks on my own. But, I guess I didn't need to do all of that work after all.

Last month Reel Ideas put out a 100 minute DVD demonstration that takes the viewer through every step in the process as Drew paints the first Hellboy movie poster. It seems like a dream come true and something I would jump at the chance to buy.

But, then I saw the price tag.

One hundred bucks for a hundred minutes of content. Yikes.

Every web page and blog I've read reviewing the DVD has said the price is well worth it. But, the price had me stop in my tracks for a second and rethink my buying decision.

So, what do you think? Is it worth it?

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