Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pulling Strings

I finished up coloring this piece the other day and thought it was about time I put it up on the blog.

The black and white version of this piece will be in the new OilCan Drive book but, for some reason, I really wanted to color it as well. Chalk it up to really wanting to work on something that was mine while I wound down from some of the client work I've been doing. And this piece was already scanned into the computer and ready to go.

So, I'll probably use it somewhere on the website now. Where I'm not so sure of yet. But, it will be used.

And, speaking of the website, I've done initial designs and should have something basic up soon. Right now the band is in the studio laying down tracks for the new album and they've been keeping a running journal of what's been going on. So, you know I have to put that in the new website somewhere.

Things are coming together. I am a bunch of steps ahead of where I was last week and I'm feeling great. I had planned on doing a lot of what I am doing now over the holiday break but, the moment I had some time off, I was just too exhausted. But not this time. This time I'm fired up, inspired, and just pissed off enough to keep going.

And I'm having a blast!


Jeff Lafferty said...

Yeah! Stay angry and keep going!!!

Sean Tiffany said...

It's rolling...and it's rolling well.