Thursday, January 28, 2010

Keep on Coloring!

The thoughts yesterday about the OilCan Drive website has my head spinning with ideas.

What does a good band website need? What kind of information does it need? Does it make any difference that the band is a cartoon band?

These are the things that have been running through my head for the last twenty four hours. So, last night I started jotting down ideas and playing with an OilCan Drive website layout.

So far, as a basic idea, the main buttons featured are for the Band (bio of the band, member bios, gear they use, photos), Media (photos, art, videos, wallpaper downloads), Music (CD discography, streaming music, free music downloads), Links (to other sites featuring OCD like MySpace, CDbaby, Itunes, my own art site), and Store (where you can buy all the cool new OCD stuff). I also have smaller buttons for Press (anything I can find people said about OCD), Shows (it's a band, they tour you know), and Contact (email and physical mail addresses).

There will also be a news feed using a blog and an iframes code to put it right on the home page so you won't have to leave the page to read any news. I figure the more I keep right there in front of you the better.

Is there anything else you'd like to see on a band website? Is there anything you'd leave out of the page? I'd love to hear any and all ideas. I want this to be fun and informative.

Oh, and the art up top. I had to do something while I was thinking of all these ideas. So, why not paint another OilCan Drive piece I have scanned into the computer? It lets my hands move while my mind wanders.

Have a great day.

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