Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Hair!

Good God, man, the hair!

This pin-up is nearing completion. It just needs to be sent of to the model for approval and I can call this one finished.

Once again, like in the inking, the coloring of the hair was the part that took the longest on this piece.

I sat last night, after the hockey game, watching a Bear Grylls marathon of "Man vs. Wild", while I cut and colored up her hair. I'm really happy with the way it looks but it seems like it took forever. As Adam Hughes once said in an interview, he could take three days to draw a cityscape background and five minutes to draw a girl's breasts and, almost always, the first thing a fan says to him about the piece is, "nice boobs!"

So, because I wanted to showcase just how much work went into this beauty's hair I decided to just show her head, sans breasts. And, because it's a fun way to look at the coloring process, I'll even show off just the color layer with no line work. I think, given that kind of focus, you can see how much crazy work went into just her dreadlocks.

I love the hair but, man, it takes some time and patience. But this piece and this model seemed well worth it.


..... said...

Your tattooed Hawaiian cousin is looking at this going...'hmm........".

Sean Tiffany said...

in a disapproving way or a "hmmm...what would my hair look like like that?" way?

I think, personally, you'd look bad ass with dreadlocks!