Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We're BAAAAAACK! Part 2

I finished up the color on this piece the other night and thought it was definitely worth showing.

I'm not exactly sure where this piece will show up in the grand scheme of the OilCan Drive universe. Every time I write a "to do" list on the project it always comes down to three major things: Book, Album, Website.

And, somehow, I have yet to cross any of those items off of my list. Oh sure, they're all big items and I've crossed off subsets of things under them but it sure would be nice to cross one of the big items off. But, as I say most days about anything, "it's getting there."

The Book: The interior story is done, inked, lettered and ready to go. All the interior art is done and the layouts for the title and information pages are coming along. I still need covers for the book, the CD, and the album sleeve. And I need to conduct and write an interview with the band about the new album.

The Album: The whole album has been arranged and demoed out. Meaning, I could give you an OilCan Drive album but it's a bunch of acoustic demos where half the songs have gibberish for lyrics. But, the template is done and just needs the full band to find the time to get into the studio to record it. Oh yeah, and some of those lyrics need to be written.

The Website: Um...I have ideas in my head and some sketches in a notebook. I have thought about it and I know I need it but nothing has been done yet. Yeah, I've dropped the ball on the website.

So, maybe, just to put a little 'x' in the wesbsite column, I'll call this piece the first piece done for the website. It's not much, but it's a start.

Like I said, It's getting there.

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